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This site exists to give eccentric, depraved, misunderstood, dark fantasy creators and consumers a community for written, photographed or illustrated content, hence media.

There are no rules or guidelines for posting, except those outlined in the Terms of Service page. If it exists, it's allowed, unless enough users complain, which shouldn't happen in the first place.

It is assumed that all images are art and all stories are fiction.

All user-content is moderated by the community, not the site or its affiliates.

Use the site as you see fit, with the understanding that:

If you decide to meet a member in-person or would like to communicate with them privately, then you are responsible, and liable for any unfavorable consequences of non-digital, social interaction. Beau Noir Media is not liable for your decisions as a member of the community. Ignorance and immaturity have no space here. 

Who this site is for:

If you understand, find yourself fascinated by and crave the taboo fragrances of forbidden fruit and esoteric knowledge, and find yourself disappointed by a crazy world devoid of reason, and divided by bullshit labels, welcome home. Ideally, people who belong nowhere else, belong here.

If you find that most people dislike, or your words in any given social setting because they cannot begin to understand the magnitude of your imagination due their simplistic, 1-dimensional view of existence, welcome.

If you like intelligent conversation bordering philosophical themes because you understand that there's more to life than we're capable of conceiving as humans, welcome.

If you also know that good and evil are societal constructs to keep the sheep asleep. And, you understand the weight of the words you breathe into existence, and are awake to the fact that not everyone is your friend and most people are shitbag idiots floundering on the fringes of a dying society ran by bigger, greedier idiots, welcome.

If you know what it's like to drown around the stifling stupidity of people who are beneath you, welcome.

This platform exists as a transparent social community for the unfortunately awake members of society who live in mental and emotional isolation in real life because their options are limited.

To reiterate, all in-person/ private exchanges are at your own risk. This was originally going to be like a full social media platform, but if you're here you can understand the downsides of non-transparent anonymity.

All dialog will take place in the post comments, until the forum is up to specs.

That said, here's who doesn't belong here:

If you can say you belong to a political party, you're a fucking idiot. Get the fuck out.

If you consider yourself woke, you're a fucking idiot. Get the fuck out.

If you can't/ don't like writing or reading full, punctuated sentences, you're a fucking idiot. Get the fuck out.

If you're a catch-phrase, water cooler guy, or gal, whose conversations center around tv shows, pop culture, sports, the friends you don't like and shallow, meaningless subjects, you're a fucking idiot. Get the fuck out.

If you use words like bae and can't/ don't write and read at a basic level in casual exchanges, you're fucking idiot. Get the fuck out.

If you've never yearned to discover the other side of existence because it's scary, pointless or "demonic," you're the worst kind of fucking idiot. Get the fuck out.

If you've asked yourself, "Who determines who's an idiot?", "How do any of the previously stated items make someone an idiot?" or, my favorite, "You can't generalize people based on certain habits," and don't comprehend the universal signs of neanderthals and troglodytes, you're a fucking idiot. Get the fuck out.

If you have friends that you hate being around and make social obligations that you detest so that you can pat yourself on the back for maintaining bullshit societal standards, you're a fucking idiot. Get the fuck out.

If you fancy yourself a well-travelled, well-educated, scholar of the arts and trendy hipster, get the fuck out. You're not quite an idiot, but you aren't ready to be here. You have potential, so go out and get some real culture and perspective, then come back when you realize how small, empty and fleeting the human condition is.

If none of the above makes sense to you, you're a fucking idiot. Get the fuck out.

Why Fee-based Membership is required to access and post content, to :

  1. Keep children out
  2. Keep the content and its creator(s) safe from thieves
  3. Keep the site ad-free
  4. Ensure quality posts from quality members who belong here
  5. Make sure the members of the community are committed to the ideals of said community
  6. Maintain and improve the site; a better site means more functionality, and eventually view-based-pay for creators
  7. Give otherwise bored, lonely, philosophers a place to meet

For comments, questions or concerns email the site admin: beaunoirmedia@gmail.com

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Last word:

This isn't a canned Wix website by some neck beard in a basement, or a replacement for Reddit or 4Chan.

This is a site for artists and people who want a simple place to upload meaningful content and have engaging, open and intelligent conversations about life, art, ideas and substance.

Back Story for those interested

Beau Noir Media originally started as a site for me to post my own content. I went on forums and blog sites to find a community for my art, which is dark, philosophical fantasy.

I couldn't find quite what I was looking for and when I did it was in the depths of the internet. So, I did some research and found that similar creators (and consumers) have the same problem in this day of mediocre content with high-production value who cater to non-inquisitive audiences. That's when I decided to change courses and create a social platform.


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