Simon smiled, "Pass the meat, please." The demonic grin on his frail face lit his mother's eyes. Their bond, if it can be called such a thing, had been questionable ever since the incident. "Mom!" Simon roared. He slammed his shivering fists on the table, demanding a still-bleeding slab. Krystin slid the plate over with a smirk. Judging by the boy's behavior it wouldn't be long now.

She sat back, crossing her arms, admiring Simon's enthusiasm for flesh. He would occasionally call Kristyn by her first name or flat out insult her in public, but the reward far exceeded the price, in Krystin's eyes. Despite the yellowing of his skin, frequent feral chatter and her intentions, Simon was still Krytin's baby. Try as she might, disciplining the poor boy felt like mockery of his existence. She wouldn’t succeed even if she tried. Simon’s father was god.

Simon expectantly stared Krystin down. "More meat, mom! Now!" He pounded his fists on the table.

"Just a second, honey," Kristyn said. Her arms quivered as she passed a bowl of medium-rare slabs. Like any other family on McClellan Blvd, the Wagners had a four-bedroom, two-story home with an attached garage, driveway, perfect lawn, and two-acre backyard fenced by stone walls. Unlike every other family, they did their shopping on the streets: 24-hour gyms, rural homes, and quiet neighborhoods. Ironically, Kristyn became a vegetarian to feed Simon for the remainder of his existence.

"What's worse?" she had always asked herself, "A dead child, or never tasting food?"

Simon snatched a bloody chunk with his bare hands. It was lean, but juicy. His teeth tore through the meat. Krystin smiled. She reflected on when jaundice had claimed her husband. His love for his fellow man is what sparked Krystin’s idea to immortalize Darrell. The blood on Simon’s face was confirmation that his father never left.

It's Simon's world. Krystin's just living in it. That is, until she can have the most tender, mouth-watering set of ribs this side of the Mason-Dixon.




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