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Why is BN|R|M content reserved?

Let's suppose you land your dream job.
Imagine that you spend up to 12 hours a day working.
Your efforts have the effect you've always known they would:

People love you, and more importantly, they love that you do what you do because you're great at it.
You make a difference in countless lives one way or another.

You found your passion, your purpose, and your happiness.
Naturally, your heart would implode if you did anything else, right?
You continue to pound the pavement day in and day out because there's nothing more rewarding than what you do.

However, there's a catch!
Your efforts, loved and appreciated as they be:

Don't allow you to afford getting to and from work
Don't allow you to keep your internet functioning
Don't allow you to pay your cellphone bill
Don't allow you to keep your refrigerator running
Don't allow you to settle your hungry stomach
Don't allow you
to bathe with hot water

The question then becomes: Would you continue doing your dream job?

But, wait! what about all of the people you affect? What about all of your accomplishments? What about your happiness?

I illustrate, write, and edit ALL of the AMAZING BNRM content by myself. I also run this AWESOME website, every page, and social media account by myself.

I don't know what you can afford.
I do know how to entertain you.

What membership includes:

  1. Access to each story's latest chapter, as they are posted
  2. More ways to enjoy the content, including chapters as individual PDFs
  3. Relevant Footnotes with links to relevant information, and the real-life events that inspired the content
  4. AD-FREE entertainment
  5. To say you were in on this before it becomes popular

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