The Plasmids

A plasmid is an entity composed of natural elements held together by an individual formation of compressed heat and plasma. 

Some argue that the plasma is actual entity, or its soul; others argue that the plasmid is the amalgamated physical components encompassed by the plasma.

When Plasmids are brought into existence, they have only one counterpart that they resonate with. Plasmids are monogamous for life and choose extremely carefully. Everything Plasmids do within their relationships is permanent for one unit of eternity: 1,000 human years. 

As such, plasmids have no angles.

They do not lie, cheat or steal.

They do not covet.

They do not want what they cannot have.

They comprehend what they cannot have is not for them.

Plasmids refuse to work hard to force unnatural things to occur. They live hand in hand attuned to their craft and their life partners, and their respective families.

They are the opposite of the detestable, always hungry, always covetous, always lying, always looking for an angle, opportunity, scheme or hustle: Palmsids.

Palmsids are terrible creatures with bad intentions who know two things: they want what they don't have, and they know too much to learn anything new or grow and develop.

Palmsids are perfect around Plasmids who have never seen them, so Plasmids have to stick together and avoid Palmsid laws, technology, philosophy, and teachings.

The Palmsids want things they do not understand in an attempt to fill the natural void they are born with, called "Manifestation Infestation Destination Syndrome," or "MIDS."

Palmsids always want more because there is usually another Palmsid behind them who wants more. Maybe mentally, spiritually, or energetically. An existing friend, a parent, a grandparent, a coworker, a classmate, a homie, a homie-ette, anyone, even the creator of this particular series.  

Interestingly, Palmsids upon letting go of all their angers, lusts, envies, jealousies, greed, wrath, and sloth-like tendencies become Plasmids. They do not want anything else. They want their specific, unique preferences.

Science knows very little of the Plasmids so far, but it has discovered that all Plasmid entities resonate with another Plasmid entity on a mutual level. There is one Plasmid per Plasmid.

Twin Plasmids have what is called "Plasmosis" shared between them. 

They are male and female in spirit and soul despite their outward appearance or choice in their outward appearances.

On the shirts they never touch.

The people wearing them do though.

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